Mar 172019
 March 17, 2019  Posted by  Business, Surveillance

Maybe some people are starting to wake up to the risks? Writing about voice assistant devices like Siri and Google Assistant and Alexa, Eric Johnson writes:

Whether it’s your alarm clock, bluetooth speaker, or even microwave, voice assistants can be found in practically every room of a home or office. But more and more people are starting to think twice before asking Alexa for the daily forecast. According to a recent PwC survey, 38 percent of participants chose not to purchase a smart device because they “don’t want something listening in on [their lives] all the time.” Additionally, 28 percent of respondents are “concerned about privacy issues with [their] data/security.”

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  One Response to “Think about privacy the next time you ask Alexa the weather”

  1. Enable Alexa for 30 seconds every morning, say “Alexa, Flash Briefing”, then disable Alexa before the news and weather summaries begin.

    It doesn’t need be listening all the time.

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