Nov 182011
 November 18, 2011  Posted by  Breaches, Online, Workplace, Youth & Schools

Kashmir Hill writes:

Back in 2009, a woman, who we will call Jane Doe, was dating a Maryland college student named Christopher Scott, who we will call a gigantic jerk. Scott “manipulated [Doe] into making a video while they were having sex,” according to a police document via Smoking Gun. He shot it using the camera in his MacBookPro. After they broke up in 2010, Scott, 20, posted the 26:51-minute long video to a user-submitted porn site,, including Doe’s job and hometown in the title. The now 24-year-old Doe found out about it this year when she got a call from her employer, who awkwardly informed her of the video’s existence and then asked for her resignation.

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