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The following tips article appeared on Instagram and is reproduced below with light editing courtesy of Jasun Tate, Chief Alchemist of Exploitation University and man behind the @bitsdigits Twitter handle.

I actually already do some of the things he recommends, and I’ve occasionally considered taking out the trash myself depending on what papers or items I needed to discard, but still, these recommendations may seem a bit over-the-top to some readers.  You can reach Jasun on Twitter to talk to him more about protecting yourself when you travel or even when you are not traveling.


Image supplied by Jasun Tate.

The Traveling Professional’s Hotel Departure Tips – Jasun Tate

Have you ever considered that the mess you leave behind can reveal to the wrong people where you are headed to?

Whether you’re a traveling #infosec #engineer, #buisness #executive #bodyguard #hacker #lawyer #witsec #dod #contractor or other relatively concerned person about #opsec:

1. Clean your room yourself upon checkout
2. Inventory all your belongings
3. Empty and repack all clothes
4. Tear receipt and expired travel documents
5. Take out the trash yourself

These measures can help you identify what items do and do not belong with you.
Assist in removing #fingerprints of where you are going.

Assist in removing #footprints of where you have been and your agenda.

And being an all around good human at the same time.

Just a few exercises of #ExploitationUniversity
Stay Frosty, not ideals we read in books, examples of lifestyles we live daily.

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