Nov 212012
 November 21, 2012  Posted by  Non-U.S.

Stewart Baker comments:

The harshest blow yet has been struck against the European Commission‘s wacky “right to be forgotten.” What’s worse, the blow came from another European Union agency, the European Network and Information Security Agency, or ENISA.  And, worst of all, ENISA trashed the right to be forgotten in the most innocent and most devastating way possible:  By trying to take the idea seriously.

ENISA’s report simply asks how government will implement an individual “right to be forgotten” when data are so often plural –- concerned with more than one person and freely exchanged with many more.  How, ENISA asks, would government force the forgetting of a couple’s photograph when one person wants the photo forgotten and the other doesn’t?  And how can data be tracked down and “forgotten” when we don’t even know who has seen or stored it?

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