Apr 172015
 April 17, 2015  Posted by  Laws, Online

From a press release issued Wednesday by state Senator Sylvia Garcia:

Yesterday, Senator Garcia passed Senate Bill (SB) 1135, the Relationship Privacy Act, on the Senate floor. SB 1335 (sic) provides justice for victims who have had nude or sexually explicit images posted on the internet without their permission by someone who is seeking revenge.

“I am very pleased to have unanimous support for the Relationship Privacy Act from my Senate colleagues and several joint and co-authors, including Senators Huffman, Zaffirini, Burton, Campbell, Kolkhorst, Menendez, Nelson, and Rodriguez.”

“This piece of legislation is going to bring much needed justice for victims who have nowhere to go when sexually explicit images get posted on the internet with the intent to cause them harm. This type of revenge pornography is similar to the trauma caused by sexual violence, harassment, or abuse. Indeed, many abusers use this as a way to keep victims of sexual assault silent. I am hopeful that the Relationship Privacy Act will deter this unlawful and horrendous practice of revenge pornography.”

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