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 February 13, 2013  Posted by  Business, Laws

David Navetta writes:

By now many lawyers and business managers have heard of the term “Big Data,” but many may not understand exactly what it refers to, and still more likely do not know how it will impact their clients and business (or perhaps it already is).  Big Data is everywhere (quite literally).  We see it drive the creative processes used by entertainment companies to construct the perfect television series based on their customer’s specific preferences.  We see Big Data in action when data brokers collect detailed employment information concerning 190 million persons (including salary information) and sell it to debt collectors, financial institutions and other entities.    Big Data is in play when retailers can determine when its customers are pregnant without being told, and send them marketing materials early on in order to win business.  Big Data may also eventually help find the cure to cancer and other diseases

The potential uses and benefits of Big Data are endless.  Unfortunately, Big Data also poses some risk to both the companies seeking to unlock its potential, and the individuals whose information is now continuously being collected, combined, mined, analyzed, disclosed and acted upon.  This post explores the concept of Big Data and some of the privacy-related legal issues and risks associated with it.

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