Apr 152010
 April 15, 2010  Posted by  Court, Online, Surveillance

Glenn Greenwald chimes in on the Yahoo! case discussed on this site previously. You can read his commentary here. Glenn writes, in part:

If nothing else, consider the implications of allowing the U.S. Government to obtain and read emails simply by a vague showing of “relevance” to a criminal investigation, all without (a) any demonstration of probable cause, (b) a warrant from a court, (c) any notice provided to you that they’re doing so, and (d) any Fourth Amendment protections. As the brief filed by EFF, Google and others puts it, granting the Government such authority would have “extremely significant implications for the privacy of Americans’ communications.” Yet that is exactly the power the Obama DOJ is claiming it possesses.

If there is still anyone left out there who mistakenly believes that Obama is a liberal or that he will protect your privacy and civil liberties, take two aspirins and call me at my office for an appointment as to your difficulty recognizing a privacy-busting wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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