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An analysis of the new constitution in Kenya contains some background on the country’s recent history and the challenges the country faces. Of special interest to readers of this blog is this section of the commentary/analysis:

Chapter 4 contains forty-one Articles and includes a Bill of Rights that guarantees enjoyment of the rights and fundamental freedoms for every person, binds all state organs, provides for implementation of rights and fundamental freedoms, and for the enforcement of those rights and freedoms. In respect of these rights and freedoms, the locus standi rule does not apply and any person can bring an action on his own behalf, or on that of another person, as a member of, or in the interest of, a group, or, in the public interest.

Representatives of Kenya’s Parliament with staff of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association preparing preparing for the 56th Conference of the CPA earlier this year

The Constitution guarantees twenty-six specific rights and makes it a fundamental responsibility of the State and every organ of the State, to observe, respect, protect, promote and fulfill the rights and fundamental freedoms set out in the Bill of Rights.

In addition to the usual rights to life, liberty and association, the Constitution guarantees such rights as privacy, consumer rights and access to information held by the State; the freedom and independence of the press; the right to a clean and healthy environment; economic and social rights including to social security provided by the State; the use and enjoyment of one’s own language and culture; the right to marry a person of the opposite sex based on the free consent of the parties; equal rights at the time of, during and on dissolution of the marriage; and administrative action that is expeditious, efficient, lawful, reasonable and procedurally fair. If a right or fundamental freedom of any person has been, or is likely to be, adversely affected by administrative action, that person has the right to be provided with written reasons for the action.

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