Sep 152009
 September 15, 2009  Posted by  Court, Online

Robert X. Cringely writes:

If it seems like Notes From the Field is turning into the Notes From the Land of Internet Defamation and Anonymity, my apologies. But this is a topic that I’ve sunk my teeth into and now I can’t seem to unsink them.

After my recent posts about Liskula Cohen (“Skanks for nothing: Google must identify ‘anonymous’ blogger“) and TCI Journal (“Why Internet anonymity matters“), I had the opportunity to chat with attorney Anne W. Salisbury of Guzov Ofsink, LLC. She answered a number of questions I had about both cases, as well as those from some Cringesters who wrote in. So thought I’d share her insights with the rest of you out there in Cringeville.

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