Jan 212022
 January 21, 2022  Posted by  Govt

I wasn’t sure which of my sites this post by Tim Cushing belongs on, so I’m posting it to both, because the public needs to see what the government is doing to erode transparency and rights.

Tim writes:

Missouri Governor Mike Parson is perhaps best known these days for trying to convert a right-click menu option into criminal hacking with his relentless (and relentlessly uninformed) desire to turn the people who exposed a security flaw in the state’s Department of Education website into nefarious criminals.

Governor Parson seems to believe intimidation is better than accountability. Whatever can be used to deter normal people from exposing the shortcomings of better people (i.e., government employees) is fair game. For years, the state’s public records law have served this same purpose: increasing the distance between the state’s government and the lowly people who have the misfortune of living in this state.

Read more at TechDirt.

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