Nov 152016
 November 15, 2016  Posted by  Featured News, Govt, Online, Surveillance, U.S.

Russell Brandom reports:

The FBI has a new view into what’s happening on Twitter. Last week, the bureau hired Dataminr, a Twitter-linked analytics firm, to provide an “advanced alerting tool” to over 200 users. Twitter owns a 5 percent stake in Dataminr and provides it with exclusive access to the full “firehose” of live tweets, making it a valuable resource for anyone looking for illegal activity on the service.


However, the FBI contract seems to violate a key clause in Twitter’s Developer Agreement, which specifically forbids using the provided data to “investigate, track or surveil Twitter’s users.” In practice, that has often meant banning third-party companies found to be reselling data.

Read more on The Verge.

h/t, Joe Cadillic

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