Dec 302009
 December 30, 2009  Posted by  Featured News, Govt, Online

Steven Frischling, the blogger at Flying With Fish reports that he was visited by federal agents because he had posted the full TSA security directive referenced in Flying With Fish. The subpoena Chris Elliot received is posted to his blog, here. Chris asks, “What would you do?” and most commenters seem to be suggesting that he protect the source as a journalist.

Kim Zetter of Threat Level reports that Frischling decided to cooperate:

Frischling says he received the document anonymously from someone using a Gmail account and determined, after speaking with an attorney, that he might as well cooperate with the agents since he had little information about the source and there was no federal shield law to protect him.

The Gmail address consisted of the name “Mike,” followed by random numbers and letters. Frischling had already deleted the e-mail after publishing the document but said he had learned from previous correspondence with the source that he had been hired as a screener for the TSA in 2009.

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