Mar 292016
 March 29, 2016  Posted by  Business, Online

Ina Steiner writes:

Some sellers remain concerned over Etsy’s handling of sensitive information that came to light last week. We’ve been covering the story, and in light of the serious allegations raised by sellers, we reached out to a security expert and gave Etsy an opportunity to respond.

As we reported last week, Etsy announced a new Shop Home and Simple Shop Policies earlier this month. New to the features was a field called Seller Details that Etsy created to help sellers comply with EU directives about providing contact information to shoppers.

When sellers clicked on Seller Details in the backend to see what it contained, they saw it contained their names and addresses. A business seller was concerned that it contained her personal name and address instead of that of her business and she feared it was publicly viewable. After the concerns were brought to Etsy’s attention, the company said seller information did pre-populate the Seller Details field, but said a seller would have to click on the “save” button in order for it to be publicly viewable.

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