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 September 27, 2010  Posted by  Online

Don’t lie– you know you do it.

There’s people on your Facebook friends list whose profiles you visit more than others. Maybe an ex. Or someone you’d like to be a future ex.


Logging in on Sunday, I was greeted with a message from MySpace– informing me that I could enable a “Who’s Visited my Profile” feature, which would not only allow me to see who’s been to my page (no one…at least not recently), but also would show my adorable face to anyone’s profile whom I were so inclined to check out.


Anyone that used MySpace in the past may recall spammers bouncing around the Internets, claiming to have a program that would enable you to see who has viewed your profile. my visitors

And if you’ll recall– none of them were actually legit.

This is, though. And it’s brought to you by MySpace itself.

MySpace isn’t alone; nor are they the first.

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