Jan 232020
 January 23, 2020  Posted by  Surveillance

Joe Cadillic writes:

Last week, the Herald Publication revealed that the City of Fairview Heights in Illinois entered into an agreement with the IDOT to install automatic license plate readers (ALPR) on highway trusses to allegedly “prevent, deter and solve crimes.”

Which is typical government doublespeak to explain away Big Brother tracking innocent motorists.

Taken at face value, Fairview Heights reasons for tracking everyone is nothing new, they use the same cookie-cutter excuses that law enforcement across the country have been using.

But what really caught my eye was the “other resolution approved by the council.”

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  One Response to “The DEA’s National License Plate Reader Network Expands To Smaller Cities”

  1. We need a federal privacy law that mandates all specific data collection be deleted after 60 days unless it is being actively used in a specific criminal case.
    Unlimited data collection cannot be allowed, but allowing recent crimes to be solved is definitely in the public need.

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