Nov 102018
 November 10, 2018  Posted by  Surveillance, U.S.

Justin Rohrlich & Dave Gershgorn report:

The US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) have hidden an undisclosed number of covert surveillance cameras inside streetlights around the country, federal contracting documents reveal.

According to government procurement data, the DEA has paid a Houston, Texas company called Cowboy Streetlight Concealments LLC roughly $22,000 since June 2018 for “video recording and reproducing equipment.” ICE paid out about $28,000 to Cowboy Streetlight Concealments over the same period of time.

Read more on Quartz.

  One Response to “The DEA and ICE are hiding surveillance cameras in streetlights”

  1. “Covert” facial recognition street lights coming to a neighborhood near you:

    A recent Reuters article reveals that ST Engineering has been awarded $5.5 million to install facial recognition street lights in Singapore.

    ST’s smart street lights come equipped with sensors, LED screens and covert cameras already installed.

    Incredibly, ST claims their spying street lights can bring “healthcare benefits to residents.”

    Just like smart city projects everywhere, Singapore claims that spying street lights “are not built by the government but by all of us – citizens, companies, agencies.” And just like Riverhead, New York who claimed that police surveillance drones will revitalize downtown, Singapore claims their spying street lights will “lead to meaningful and fulfilled lives.”

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