Sep 242010
 September 24, 2010  Posted by  Online

Alex Howard writes:

Google recently added a new Privacy Tools page. If you follow tech policy in Washington, you couldn’t miss hearing about it, given that advertising for Google privacy tools was on relevant blogs, email newsletters and periodicals. And if you work, play, shop or communicate online, the issue of online privacy is more relevant to you than perhaps it ever has been before. Companies and governments are gathering unprecedented amounts of data about every click, link, and status update you make. The choices that they are making now around the use of personal information, identity, authentication and relationships will be fundamental to how we see one another and ourselves as the information age evolves.

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BTW, I know they were being clever with the name O’Reilly Radar, but do they realize how often I get it backwards and have to correct it?! 🙂

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