Dec 022017
 December 2, 2017  Posted by  Govt

I am no longer shocked that others are shocked when they first learn that their state has been selling their personal information.  In today’s installment of “I didn’t know THAT,” Bridget Clerkin reports:

The vast amount of knowledge that can be gleaned from our computers may have led experts to nickname this time in history the “Information Age,” but the moniker may yet prove doubly prescient, pointing to what’s quickly becoming the era’s most valuable commodity.

From cell phone apps to credit cards, access to nearly everything today comes at the same cost: private information. And it seems that even the right to drive in Alabama requires paying the personal price.

Details collected by the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) from residents filling out agency forms are being sold to two major data companies, according to an investigative report by Alabama’s Fox 10 News. Specifically, the DMV is hawking information gleaned from form DL-28, the state’s license application.



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