Feb 252014
 February 25, 2014  Posted by  Court, Featured News, Misc, Youth & Schools

Trudy Ring reports that a lawsuit previously covered on this blog has settled:

A Texas school district has agreed to pay $77,500 to settle a federal lawsuit brought by a lesbian former student who said her high school softball coaches outed her to her mother.

Officials with the Kilgore Independent School District agreed Friday to pay the sum to Skye Wyatt, now 21, who said the outing occurred five years ago, when she was a junior in high school, reports the Longview News-Journal. As part of the settlement, school administrators agreed to conduct an annual training session for employees on privacy and discrimination, and to publish an antidiscrimination policy in the district’s employee and student-parent handbooks and on its website.

Read more on Advocate.com.

Not surprisingly, but still disturbingly, the district is reported as denying any wrongdoing:

Kilgore administrators said the settlement was a business decision on the part of the school district’s insurance carrier, and they issued a statement saying they believed the coaches did nothing wrong.

If they still don’t understand that what the coaches did was horribly privacy-violative, shame on them all.

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