Sep 012021
 September 1, 2021  Posted by  Featured News

Mark Sherman of AP reports:

A Texas law banning most abortions in the state took effect at midnight, but the Supreme Court has yet to act on an emergency appeal to put the law on hold.

If allowed to remain in force, the law would be the most dramatic restriction on abortion rights in the United States since the high court’s landmark Roe v. Wade decision legalized abortion across the country in 1973.

Read more on USA Today.

This is the most disgusting law and the most disgraceful action by the Supreme Court in recent memory (if you don’t count their disgraceful gutting of the Voting Rights Act that paved the way for more recent attempts to make it harder for poorer and non-white segments of this country to vote).

This country is going backwards. Anyone else remember the days of coat-hanger abortions in Cuba? Is that what we are going back to?

And the Supreme Court just sat on its hands?


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