Feb 242022
 February 24, 2022  Posted by  Healthcare, Laws, U.S., Youth & Schools

Lauren McGaughy reports:

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has ordered state agencies to investigate reports of transgender kids receiving gender-affirming care as “child abuse,” but it’s unclear what immediate effect the directive will have on kids, teachers, doctors and parents.

In a letter to the Department of Family and Protective Services sent Tuesday, Abbott said the agency “is responsible for protecting children from abuse.” He warned that educators, medical professionals and others who don’t report alleged abuse could face consequences.

Read more at Dallas News.

UPDATE:   Officials in at least two of Texas’ largest counties have no plans to comply with Gov. Greg Abbott’s order to investigate gender-affirming healthcare for transgender children, which the Republican state leader announced Tuesday. Read more at Common Dreams.

h/t, Joe Cadillic

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