Feb 072011
 February 7, 2011  Posted by  Laws, Surveillance

An urgent action alert from the good folks at EFF:

Tell your Congressperson to vote NO to the PATRIOT Act in tomorrow’s vote! The PATRIOT reauthorization bill being fast-tracked to the House floor contains NO reforms to the law, and will be voted upon with NO debate and NO opportunity for amendments to add oversight and accountability. Help stop this sneak attack on your civil liberties: tell your Representative to vote “NO” on H.R. 514, the PATRIOT extension bill.


These provisions should not be renewed, and certainly not without any debate or any new checks and balances to prevent abuse and protect civil liberties. Luckily, in order for the PATRIOT renewal bill to pass on Tuesday, it has to receive a yes vote from a full two-thirds of the House’s members. So a message from you, today, could make the critical difference. Contact your Representative today to make clear that you oppose PATRIOT extension (H.R. 514) and demand meaningful reform of the PATRIOT Act!

Read more on EFF and then use the convenient form on that page to send a message to your Representative.  I’ve already sent mine.

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