Jul 122017
 July 12, 2017  Posted by  Govt

From the ACLU:

A free and open internet is vital for our democracy and for our daily lives. But the Federal Communications Commission is considering a proposal that would let the wealthiest corporations run the web – and control the information we consume every day.

FCC Chairman Pai’s plan opens the way to pay-to-play “fast lanes” for those who can afford it – and slower connections for everyone else’s websites. Who wins?Big internet service providers like Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T.

Who would lose? Users of the Internet like students, small businesses, start-ups, and ordinary people like you.

It’s about the right to be heard and the right to hear others.

In 2015 millions demanded net neutrality protections and won. We can win again, and we must. Submit a comment to the FCC now to tell them you oppose Chairman Pai’s proposal to destroy net neutrality.

You can send a comment to the FCC via ACLU’s site, here, but note that you will be consenting to receiving emails from the ACLU if you do so.

Sadly, FreePress.net will also send you occasional emails if you send a letter via the Battle for Net Neutrality site.

I understand why these sites want to do this, but I wish they wouldn’t. Just ask people to consent – don’t force them to consent to use your site to send a message. 🙁

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