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 March 30, 2016  Posted by  Youth & Schools

I don’t know if there’s been any real security audit of this app,  but I do love seeing teens focused on developing privacy tools. Gary Haber reports:

A high school student with a cellphone can get into a lot of trouble.

A hastily sent Facebook post or Twitter message can last forever and come back to bite someone when they’re applying for college or a job. Then there are the prying eyes of parents who can see what their children post online.

As a high school student, privacy is something Nick Pitoniak takes seriously.

Pitoniak, a senior at York Suburban High School who lives in Spring Garden Township, developed a cellphone app called Mutter Mail, which he says lets users send messages back and forth without leaving any trace. The messages disappear within 30 seconds, Pitoniak said.

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  1. This sounds like snap chat or photo snap, or whatever that app is called where you can take embarrassing photos and then disappear seconds later. I question the validity of this app and where all of these photos go on snap chat ‘that no one wants to be seen’.

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