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 October 31, 2010  Posted by  Workplace

Chris Owens of The Associated Press reports on how no expectation of privacy in the workplace is playing out in a professional sports team:

Houston Texans owner Bob McNair ordered the team’s staff to go through the locker room to make sure no players are using banned substances.

USA Today first reported the Texans had staff members remove any products from lockers that are not approved by the NFL. Two of Houston’s players — left tackle Duane Brown and linebacker Brian Cushing — served four-game suspensions for different violations of the league’s policy on banned substances.

McNair said Friday he wanted to take a step to prevent future occurrences. He says the Texans have the right to control players while they’re in the team’s facilities.

“We concluded that one thing we can do is to just go through the locker room and make sure that if anybody is using anything, it’s a product from one of the approved manufacturers,” McNair said. “That’s about all that we can do.”

Read more in the Chicago Tribune.

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