Feb 042011
 February 4, 2011  Posted by  Non-U.S., Surveillance, Youth & Schools

Wow. When I started reading this article, I wondered what third world country the news was from. Then I discovered it’s from the UK.  Double wow.

New legislation will give teachers “unprecedented” powers to search pupils that will exceed those of the police.

The Coalition’s Education Bill, published last week, will dramatically extend teachers’ search powers, which human rights group Liberty has described as being “proportionate to terrorism investigations”.

The bill gives teachers the power to seize any electronic device – including mobile phones – and examine all data they may contain.

It also allows teachers to erase any files or data, if a member of staff believes it is reasonable to do so.

Announcing the bill last week, education secretary Michael Gove said the legislation signalled that the Coalition was “absolutely on the side of teachers”, and it would free staff to “impose the penalties they need to keep order”.

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