Jan 252013
 January 25, 2013  Posted by  Workplace, Youth & Schools

Faith Heaton Jolley reports on what may have been some innocent classroom hijinks that never should have been shared on Facebook:

Parents were enraged after an Ohio middle school teacher posted a picture of their children on her Facebook page depicting the teenagers with duct tape across their mouths. The Akron school board is considering whether to terminate her.

Melissa Cairns, 33, was hired by the Akron Public Schools in August 2007, and began teaching math at the middle school Buchtel Community Learning Center in August 2012. Cairns posted the picture of nine of her students with duct tape on their mouths on her Facebook page in September or October. The caption on the photo read, “Finally found a way to get them to be quiet!!!”

One of the major red flags raised from the situation is the issue of privacy. Many parents and members of the school board feel that the picture is an invasion of the students’ privacy.

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