Jan 032012
 January 3, 2012  Posted by  Breaches, Court

Elaine Silvestrini reports that some victims of ID theft/tax refund fraud are mad as hell – at the IRS – and they’re not going to take it any more:

As far as Jay Gordon is concerned, the Internal Revenue Service was the victim of someone who used Gordon’s identity to commit tax fraud, and now Gordon and his wife are victims of the IRS.

“I know we’re not the only ones,” said Gordon, who described his predicament as “ridiculous, asinine, whatever you want to call it.”

The Gordons have filed what they hope will be a class-action lawsuit against the U.S. government on behalf of a growing number of Florida residents who are having trouble getting their tax refunds because someone else filed tax returns to obtain fraudulent refunds in their names.

Read more on Tampa Bay Online.

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