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 January 17, 2014  Posted by  Breaches

Christina Hager reports that a consumer in Massachusetts  was appalled when Target requested all their personal information to investigate a fraud claim.

“I was kind of horrified. I kind of thought it was a scam when I looked at the form, because of the kind of information they were asking. I told them they were insane to be asking for it,” he said. When he refused, the customer service representative told him they could not process his claim without it. “I wasn’t getting anywhere, so I asked for a manager. That took four or five minutes. The supervisor came on the line and she was even more aggressive with it.”

When we contacted Target, the company changed its tune. “Our policy is to investigate all fraud claims even if the form is not filled out,” said spokesperson Molly Snyder. “And filling out the form is not a requirement. However, if we don’t have the form filled out it makes our investigation more difficult.”

The State Attorney General’s office says the form is legitimate, but if customers aren’t getting their claims processed because they’re uncomfortable giving up personal information, they should call the state’s consumer hotline: 617-727-8400.

Read more on CBS.

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