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 February 11, 2013  Posted by  Misc

From Peter Fleischer’s blog today:

Privacy is more important than security? Not true. Without security, you drown. You’re either being hacked and know it or being hacked and don’t know it. Imagine drowning without even realizing it. All of privacy is a wobbly edifice built on the foundations of security. If the foundations aren’t solid, then the edifice will crumble.
Privacy is contextual: We live in Speedos, but can’t wear one to the office. Online screws up context, because it takes data from one context and re-uses in another. People peek, machines record. You can’t attribute human motives to a machine, or teach it that it’s rude to stare.
Privacy is about losing it: We never give a thought to privacy, until it’s gone.  Like breathing, you don’t think about it, but in a lungbuster set, breathing on stroke 3, 5, 7, by 9 you will explode if you don’t breathe.
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