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 September 17, 2010  Posted by  Online

Kevin Townsend writes:

Alexander Hanff is the Head of Ethical Networks at Privacy International. He is also one of my heroes for the way in which he led the fight against Phorm and its deep packet inspection (DPI) intrusive behavioural profiling. I have no doubt that Phorm will return in a different form, a different name, a different company even – but the idea will persist and return. And I have no doubt that Alexander Hanff will be waiting and will fight on our behalf again. He believes in the right to privacy; and he campaigns for it.

But is there much point in campaigning, I asked him. He, and I, and most of the readers of this blog have concerns over the erosion of privacy. “But most people just don’t care.”

“I would say the opposite is true, actually,” he replied. “Over the past couple of years people have become far more concerned over privacy, and have taken action to make sure that others are aware of their concerns over their privacy. In my experience, people are more concerned and aware about privacy now than they ever have been.”

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