Jan 222021
 January 22, 2021  Posted by  Healthcare

Bryan Walsh writes:

A tech startup is helping providers monitor their patients’ moods and mental health status through a remote app.

Why it matters: Mental health is an unaddressed crisis in the U.S., and it’s only gotten worse during COVID-19. NeuroFlow can help users track their own mental health while making it easier for health care professionals to identify when their patients are in crisis.

Driving the news: The Philadelphia-based startup NeuroFlow closed on a $20 million Series B funding round last week for its remote mental health monitoring service.

How it works: NeuroFlow uses technology — including a smartphone app — to keep health care providers in closer contact with their patients, allowing them to remotely monitor symptom progression and treatment.

Read more on Axios. There is nothing in that news report about privacy policies of the app or data security.  You can find their privacy policy here. If, as they write, they are a “possible business associate” under HIPAA, I hope the covered entities are looking closely at some of the provisions in the privacy policy and crossing them out.

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