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 February 11, 2010  Posted by  Non-U.S., Surveillance

Reuters reports:

The Swiss government will probably have to turn to parliament to resolve a legal impasse threatening a deal struck with the U.S. to hand over data from UBS clients, a minister was quoted as saying.

The Swiss government had raised the option of parliament retroactively approving the deal, involving UBS clients suspected of dodging taxes, after a Swiss court ruled in favor of a UBS client seeking to prevent her account data from being given to the U.S. tax agency.


Switzerland struck a deal with the United States last August, promising to deliver 4,450 sets of UBS client data. In return the U.S. suspended a civil case against UBS.

But the Swiss court ruling could prompt U.S. officials to go back to the federal court in Miami to enforce the summons request, a so-called John Doe summons that seeks unidentified defendants that meet certain criteria without naming them.

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