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 November 3, 2010  Posted by  Non-U.S.

In what may be the longest article I can recall seeing on the Swedish publication, The Local, the paper reports that a new book coming out about their king reveals a lot of private details about affairs and the like:

Sweden is bracing for the release of a controversial book detailing the private life of King Carl XVI Gustaf, who has announced he will comment on the book during a Thursday press conference.


The book, entitled “Den motvillige monarken” (‘The reluctant monarch’), reportedly provides a rare and detailed look into the King’s private life, including details of love affairs, wild parties with Swedish models, and connections to the underworld.

Written over the last two years by a team of three investigative journalists and authors, Thomas Sjöberg, Tove Meyer and Deanne Rauscher, the book has sparked numerous and wide-ranging debate in Sweden about the limits of the free press and how the Swedish media have covered the King.

Read more about the book and press vs. privacy issues in The Local (Se)

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