Nov 062010
 November 6, 2010  Posted by  Non-U.S., Surveillance

From The Local (Se):

Swedish Justice Minister Beatrice Ask confirmed on Saturday said that the US embassy in Sweden has undertaken similar surveillance measures as those in Norway.

Norway demanded an explanation from the US on Thursday after a television documentary alleged the US embassy in Oslo had conducted illegal surveillance of hundreds of Norwegian residents over the past decade.

The Associated Press reports:

Norway has asked the U.S. to clarify its surveillance activities in the Nordic country after a TV report suggested they may have violated Norwegian law.

Norway’s TV2 said the U.S. set up a surveillance unit in 2000 that systematically monitored Norwegian residents deemed potential security risks to the U.S.

Read more on CBS. Not surprisingly, the U.S. position is that the surveillance was to protect the security of its embassies and people, but now people are claiming that they had no idea as to the extent of the surveillance. We’ll see whether Norway and Sweden accept the explanations or if this develops into a real flap over the U.S. violating EU privacy laws.

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