Nov 072011
 November 7, 2011  Posted by  Breaches, Non-U.S., Online

David Landes reports:

A new website set up by a Swede with ties to neo-Nazi groups and featuring the names and contact information of dozens of convicted child sex offenders has been reported for data privacy violations.

The site, (‘Stop the paedophiles’), allows users to perform geographic searches and includes the names, contact information, personal identity numbers (personnummer), and court rulings of those convicted of child sex crimes and child pornography offences.


Jonas Agnvall, an attorney with Sweden’s Data Inspection Board (Datainspektionen), said the agency has received numerous complaints about the site since it was launched two weeks ago.

According to Sweden’s data protection laws, it is “prohibited for anyone other than a public agency to handle personal information about violations of the law which include crimes”.

Read more on The Local (SE).

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