Feb 222015
 February 22, 2015  Posted by  Breaches, Business

Brandon Bailey of AP reports:

Is Superfish an Internet pioneer or a computer-user’s privacy nightmare?

Either way, don’t expect a mea culpa. Faced with a withering publicity barrage that could jeopardize any startup’s future, Superfish CEO Adi Pinhas blamed another company for the security flaw and complained about what he called “false and misleading statements made by some media commentators and bloggers.”


Superfish on Friday insisted its own code is safe and said the security flaw was “introduced unintentionally by a third party.” In an email to The Associated Press, Pinhas identified that party as Komodia, a tech startup based in Israel that makes software for other companies, including tools for companies that show online ads and for programs parents can use to monitor their children’s Web surfing.

Some experts say the problem may extend beyond Lenovo.

Read more on Times of Israel.

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