May 092019
 May 9, 2019  Posted by  Breaches, Court, U.S., Youth & Schools

Alex Zimmerman reports:

A former Success Academy parent filed a federal privacy complaint Thursday claiming the charter network violated her daughter’s rights by releasing her education records to a reporter, including notes from psychologists and her special education learning plan.

The complaint — which is unlikely to result in consequences for Success — comes in response to a Chalkbeat story published Saturday about Jazmiah Vasquez, a seven-year-old student with autism who has not been in school for a year and a half.

Read more on Chalkbeat.

If you think that sounds egregious, wait until you hear the charter network’s defense:

Success officials defended their disclosure of student records on the grounds that parents implicitly waive their rights if they go public with their complaints about a school.

No, Success, there is no such “implicit” waiver in FERPA.

Nothing awful will happen to Success — if anything happens at all.  The U.S. Education Department has a totally pathetic record when it comes to enforcement of FERPA which is already a pretty toothless law.

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