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 March 31, 2012  Posted by  Youth & Schools

Christopher Brocklebank reports:

Prospective students at the University of California and California State University campuses may be asked to volunteer information when applying or enrolling next year on whether they are LGBT.

This partially arises from an obscure state law aimed at discerning whether students at said institutions are getting enough services, including counselling. But, according to The Los Angeles Times, there are concerns about privacy.

Read more on PinkNews.  The original report was by Larry Gordon in the Los Angeles Times, where you can find more background on the law and reporting on this issue.

The law does not seem to require students – or colleges – to ask or disclose LGBT status, but was intended to give students an opportunity to disclose if they want to.  As with many laws, it appears to be well-intended, but yes, there are concerns. And given that some people see this as the trend of the future, best we think about it now rather than later.

via Democratic Underground

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