Apr 292011
 April 29, 2011  Posted by  Featured News, Youth & Schools

The Rutherford Institute is demanding that a Massachusetts school district cease its practice of requiring students to complete surveys asking overtly intimate and sexually suggestive questions without their parents’ knowledge or written consent. In a letter to the Fitchburg City School Committee, Rutherford Institute attorneys warn that by allowing these surveys to be administered to students without written parental consent, the Fitchburg Public Schools are acting in contravention to the rights of parents and the requirements of federal law, specifically, the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA), a federal law which governs student surveys by educational agencies receiving federal funding.

(Editor’s Note: When you read the instructions provided in the Youth Risk Behavior Survey, it it plain to see parental notification is not mandatory for these underage children to take the survey–it states “should” not “must”. “…You also should obtain parent permission for students to participate..”.)

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