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 January 7, 2011  Posted by  Court, Youth & Schools

Sarah Hull reports:

A student claims Brooklyn College “forcibly” sent her to a mental hospital where she was held for 2 weeks against her will because she complained that there was a hidden camera in her bedroom – which was true. After her 2 weeks of forcible detention in a hospital, she says, the college refused to let her take her final exams, and gave her the boot.

Chinemerem Eze, an international honor student who has “no history of psychiatric problems,” says she spoke to Brooklyn College security in December 2008 about “potentially criminal activity involving her ex-roommates, and also involving her landlord at the time; specifically plaintiff suspected that she was being defamed on the Internet by her ex-roommates, and that her landlord at the time had installed a hidden camera in her bedroom.”

Read more on Courthouse News.

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This case has some seeming parallels to the case of Tyler Clementi – a student who believed she was being recorded/surveilled and concerns about people posting harmful statements on the Internet. Yet her concerns were allegedly seen as signs of mental illness.

The events alleged in this case happened in 2008. I wonder what would happen if the same thing happened today. I would hope that students seeking help for harassment or surveillance concerns would get meaningful and appropriate help.

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