May 152013
 May 15, 2013  Posted by  Youth & Schools

Will Ripley reports from Colorado:

The private information of nearly 85,000 Jefferson County public school students will soon be available in a single database.

Supporters call it a breakthrough, but opponents call it an invasion of privacy.

Jeffco Public Schools is joining forces with inBloom, a pilot program praised by supporters as a revolutionary way to streamline student information.

Some parents have serious concerns, that student grades, test scores, even health records will be vulnerable to cyber attack.


  One Response to “Student privacy concerns spark debate in Jefferson County”

  1. The message is mixed. Understandable concern about sharing student information with inBloom. Schools don’t have to participate. These are local issues. Of course FERPA is federal however the decision is up to schools & districts about whether they share or don’t share with inBloom.

    Lots of talk about the cloud security. This is & should be independent from inBloom discussions. Have you seen this bill below? Probably should clarify the opt-out of PII is for directory information. I’m wondering if there is going to a senate sponsor. Happy to see Assemblymember Rosenthal signed on as co-sponser. She fought hard for 2012’s student privacy bill that died in Assembly.

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