Aug 062014
 August 6, 2014  Posted by  Business, Court

Annie Bucher reports:

On Monday, a California federal judge granted preliminary approval to a class action settlement that will put an end to allegations student loan servicer Nelnet Servicing LLC illegally recorded telephone calls without notifying the recipient.

The Nelnet class action lawsuit was initially filed by plaintiff Than Zaw, who claimed that Nelnet called him regarding a family member’s debt. Zaw alleges Nelnet recorded the telephone calls without notifying him. Further, he claims he never provided consent to having phone calls recorded by Nelnet. The call recording class action lawsuit asserts claims under California’s Invasion of Privacy Law.

Nelnet denies any wrongdoing, but agreed to pay nearly $1.2 million to settle the call recording class action lawsuit and avoid the risk and expense of ongoing litigation.

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