Feb 222011
 February 22, 2011  Posted by  Surveillance, U.S., Youth & Schools

Gabriel Perna reports on a GPS system for truant students that was mentioned previously on this blog:

A company that provides GPS tracking devices to parents for tracking their kids is not an invasion of privacy.

Travis Knox, chief executive at AIM Truancy Solutions, offers school administrators a cell-phone like device that keeps tabs on students.


Knox says for 80 percent of the students in the program, the program is voluntary. Students and parents sign a release form. The company does work with a few court systems who order the students to use the device.

“We want to get them before the court does,” Knox said. “We’re not here to tell on you. Our program is structured and we know that every student has different needs.”

The device, he says, is a way to keep the students accountable, and it is just one part of the program. Regional directors work with the students, parents and school administrators to help the child work around problems they may have in getting to school.

Read more on International Business Times.

So where is the evidence that if you provide the other parts of the program they still need the GPS?

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