Jan 242015
 January 24, 2015  Posted by  Online, U.S., Youth & Schools

Vikki Ortiz Healy reports:

When Courtney Lorentz’s 6-year-old daughter brought home an iPad from school last fall, the Deerfield, Ill., mom wanted assurance that the thoughts, ideas and personal information her daughter typed into the device would not follow her for years to come – or be sold to marketing companies for a quick buck.

“I wanted to figure out how I could let her participate in first grade without her information being collected by third parties who have no business in her education,” Lorentz said.

But when she took her concerns to School District 109 officials, educators acknowledged they were new to digital data privacy concerns and assembled a team of attorneys, administrators and community relations experts to verse them on the subject.

“We would not have had this conversation several years ago,” said Superintendent Michael Lubelfeld, who ultimately worked with Lorentz to get an anonymous ID for her daughter to use on the iPad instead of using her real name, as other students do. The school district is considering similar measures for all children in the 3,100-student district next year.

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Now that is a great, proactive response from School District 109. I wish there were more districts following their lead on this.

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