Jun 102016
 June 10, 2016  Posted by  Featured News, U.S., Youth & Schools

Nice recap by Sarah Breitenbach:

… In 2014, 21 states passed 26 student data laws mostly targeted at states and school districts. Many echoed a 2013 Oklahoma law that requires state approval to release student data and mandates that only aggregated data — no data tied to individual students — can be released.

By last year, lawmakers had shifted their focus to third-party companies. They passed 28 student privacy laws, in many cases mirroring a California statute that prohibits service providers from using data to target ads to students, selling student information, and creating student profiles for commercial purposes.

This year nine states — ArizonaConnecticutHawaiiKansasNew HampshireTennesseeUtahVirginia and West Virginia — have added 11 new student data laws, mostly based on the California standard.

Read more on Stateline.

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