Oct 062010
 October 6, 2010  Posted by  Breaches, Court

What — yet ANOTHER case of a State Department employee snooping in passport records? I’m glad there’s an indictment, but what about better prevention?

Kieran Crowley reports:

A US State Department clerk has been indicted for using her government computer to gather personal information on more than a hundred celebrities and their families — including Lindsay Lohan’s sister Ali, sources said.


Brooke Reyna, 28, of Barrington, NH, viewed passport info on “various celebrities, actors, reality-television contestants, television personalities, musicians, models, athletes,” including “their children,” since 2005, the indictment charged.

Authorities declined to say whether Reyna, who is charged with felonies including unauthorized computer access, was simply a crazed fan or had been selling the confidential information.

Read more in the NY Post.

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