Aug 282018
 August 28, 2018  Posted by  Laws, Surveillance, U.S., Youth & Schools

Mike Maharrey writes:

The federal government continues to find new and creative ways to obtain information for its massive and ever-expanding biometric database,

Last year, we reported that the feds plan to use a TSA program advertised as a way to avoid lines at airport security checkpoints to harvest photos and other biometric information that will ultimately end up in multiple federal databases. We also revealed that private companies are getting into the act. The Lincoln Motor Company has partnered with CLEAR, a private company that helps travelers move through airport security more quickly. Again, biometric data collected by the program will almost certainly end up in the fed’s biometric databases.

Now we have a report that the state of Minnesota enacted a law that will ultimately force thousands of people, including kids as young as 13, to submit their biometric information to the feds.

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h/t, Joe Cadillic

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