Oct 152010
 October 15, 2010  Posted by  Online, Surveillance

Asher Moses reports:

Stalking celebrities is about to become a whole lot easier with the launch of a new website that collates celebrity sightings around the world in real time and plots them on a Google Map.

JustSpotted.com, which is already up and running but officially launches in five days, uses celebrity sightings published on Twitter and data from services such as Facebook, Foursquare and blogs.

The site uses computer algorithms to scan through the millions of tweets that get published every day and to pull out celebrity sightings. These are then published on a map of the world with information about their location such as the name of a restaurant at which they are dining.

A database of about 7000 celebrities will be tracked and, while the site is sure to raise the hackles of privacy campaigners, JustSpotted.com argues it is simply aggregating publicly available information.

Read more in The Age while you watch my hackles rise. This really does facilitate stalking and we should all have concerns about it.

Anything for a buck, huh, folks?

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