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 January 21, 2011  Posted by  Online, Youth & Schools

AAP reports that the football team has reached a settlement with the teenage girl who had posted nude photos of players on the Internet.  A statement was posted to the team’s web site today.  From AAP coverage:

The teenage girl who posted naked photos of St Kilda AFL players online has reached a settlement with the club. The club said in a statement it will provide the young woman with accommodation “for a few months”, in order for her to gain “stability” back into her life.


“The young woman has confirmed that the players did not pursue her, provide her with their number or act in any way that was inappropriate at the AFL school visit, and that she first met the players socially in Sydney after the round one Sydney Swans match on March 27,” the club said in a statement.

Not addressed in the team’s statement or in media coverage was any indication as to whether a team player actually emailed the nude photos to the teen or if not, how she had obtained them. Nor was there any mention of her prior claims that she had engaged in sexual relations with two players and had become pregnant, a pregnancy that she claims she lost.

Even though some may say that this is now “over” and the 15 minutes of fame have ended, the reality is that the events that transpired have been life-altering for the young woman, her family, the players, and their families. Images will remain on the web or on people’s home computers, reputations have been tarnished – fairly or unfairly – and although life goes on, it will seemingly go on a different course.

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